Hong Kong stir heats up, Xi faces review

Ruling Communist Party of China will hold a key meeting
Beijing: Amid continued pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong as well as brewing resentment among party ranks over China’s anti-graft campaign, the ruling Communist Party of China will hold a key meeting here on Monday in which President Xi Jinping's handling of affairs may come up for scrutiny.Over 370 members and alternate members of the Central Committee of the CPC will attend the three-day meeting to discuss a vast agenda, including broadening of economic reforms and firming up rule of law in the country.
China is governed by the seven-member standing committee of the CPC headed by Mr Xi, who since he took over power last year has emerged as the most powerful leader of the country: he heads the party, the presidency and the military, unlike his predecessor Hu Jintao who got to head the military only two years into power.The plenary of the central committee held periodically is regarded as the biggest policy body of the party which has to endorse key policy formulations.
Mr Xi’s leadership is facing testing times on various fronts including the continued pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the slowing down economy which may miss official target of 7.5 GDP this year and the resentment in party ranks over the anti-corruption campaign.
( Source : PTI )
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