Pakistan Army chief rakes up Jammu and Kashmir

Fair resolution of Kashmir issue can restore peace: Gen. Sharif
Islamabad: Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif on Saturday said that only a fair and just resolution of Kashmir issue can ensure peace in the region.
“Only Kashmir solution in accordance with the will of Kashmiri people as enshrined in the UN resolutions could ensure lasting peace in the region”, said General Sharif.
Addressing a passing out parade at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, he said, “Coercion and repression of the Kashmiri people will never shake their confidence to ultimately exercise their freedom of choice promised by the international community. It is our firm belief that the determination of the Kashmiri brethren and collective conscience of free world will bear fruit and their aspirations will eventually be realised”
The Army chief said that the Pakistan Army is fully capable to counter aggression across the ‘entire spectrum of threat’ yet it persistently seeks peace in the region and beyond.
“We desire regional stability and relationship based on equality and mutual respect”, he added.
“Sentiments of goodwill and amity notwithstanding, let there be no doubt that any aggression against our beloved country will get a befitting response and no sacrifice will be too great in this sacred cause”, he said.
Talking about the military operation launched in the North Waziristan Agency, General Sharif termed Operation Zarb-e-Azb “a commitment to cleanse Pakistan of the scourge of terrorism once and for all”.
“Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies aided by intelligence agencies are also playing a commendable role in hunting down terrorists and their networks,” he said.
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