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‘I did not have the face to play a daaku’: Randhir Kapoor

Published Oct 19, 2014, 6:52 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 8:26 pm IST
Randhir Kapoor on why he stopped acting in the ’80s, why he returned
Randhir Kapoor. (Photo: PTI)
 Randhir Kapoor. (Photo: PTI)
Mumbai:Randhir Kapoor, who will be seen opposite Rekha in Super Nani, says that he agreed to the role because it suited his age and his stature. The actor, who had more or less stopped appearing in front of the camera in the eighties, says, “I had my boundaries and restrictions of doing films so I stopped working in the eighties. This was an era when films were more action oriented. Most of the characters cast in the pivotal roles were either daakus or police inspectors. My face suits neither of these characters. I cannot look like a daaku, so acting had taken a back seat. I have no regrets.
“Also this was an era of multi-starrer films, I did not want to be amongst them. I refused to take a flag in my hand and just make people aware that I am also here in this film. I have been whimsical, temperament aur pagal toh mein pehele se hi hoon. I was doing what I wanted to do.”
Randhir adds that he finally decided to make a comeback after a fan in Goa compelled him to resurrect his career. “This fan told me that ‘all of us are waiting to watch your films’. And requested me to make a comeback.”
“I then decided to start doing films. I was also aware that at this juncture of my life I could not play romantic pivotal roles. Whatever roles were being offered to me I selected from them and here I am,” he adds.
About choosing to work with director Inder Kumar opposite Rekha in Super Nani, he says, “I chose to work with him because I liked the character. It suits my stature and image. I cannot run around trees now. Also I wanted to work with Rekha, she is my favorite heroine. I have worked in lots of films with her in more than 20 films. It was indeed good luck for me to be able to work with Rekha again; also being together on the sets was a matter of delight. She is an excellent actor but now I find her much more mature. Earlier she was temperamental and impulsive but we have always shared a good relationship. And when people ask my opinion about Rekha, I tell them that she has become prettier now.” (Laughs).
“We sat in the sets and talked in our ‘lovey dovey’ manner. Pyaar mohabbat ki batein hamesha romantic nahi hoti haipyaar mein apni maa se bhi karta hoon. So my love for Rekha is very platonic. We enjoyed each other’s company.”
Adding more about his friendship with Rekha, Randhir says,  “We have had a good off-screen friendship too. We have been in touch off and on. But definitely I will take this opportunity to tell you guys that Rekha has calmed down over the years she is more understanding and has sobered down. It was indeed fun to be together, discussing our old films, Ram Laxman, Ram Bharose and more. We enjoyed the nostalgic moments together.”
About his family that is full of stars, Randhir says, “At times I tell Kareena and Karisma that they should adopt me. Undeniably, I love to eat and booze, but I also tell them that even if I spend a lot of money, my finances will never lessen. My children are doing well, it is God’s blessings. I always pray for their good health.”
Randhir is also looking forward to directing films under the RK banner again. “We are planning a couple of films. However, we will definitely be doing films the likes of which the RK banner has been offering audiences. No one can be like Raj Kapoor as far as his vision is concerned, not even me. I am nobody to feel that I have inherited his vision. Everyone knows he was a legend. I only feel he is always with us.”
About Raj Kapoor’s global popularity, he says, “Raj Kapoor was a famous figure globally. Russian and Chinese audiences till this date remember him through his films.”
Talking about his daily schedule, Randhir adds, “I go to my office at R.K. Productions by  noon, if I am not shooting I am in the office till 8 pm. Thereafter I go to the club, sit with friends, play cards, eat and drink. Being Punjabis, we love to eat.”
About working with his family, he says, “You never know. Ranbir Kapoor could be in my next venture; also Kareena or Karisma could be working with me. But I shall reveal my cards when the right time comes.”