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star power: Maintain good rapport with your partner

Published Oct 12, 2014, 7:05 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 10:06 pm IST
Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Hyderabad: October 12, 2014 Sun and Rahu (North Node) Degreecal Conjunction 
Those involved in sports will need to be very careful, and must guard against physical injury. Others too must avoid getting involved in illicit activities. Father’s/an elderly figure’s health may become a cause of concern. There may be issues with authority figures. 
October 16, 2014 Sun and Retrograde Mercury Conjunction 
Here on, till the weekend, the focus should remain on written and verbal communications. There will be increased focus on documentation, and you may need to do ground work related to important issues. To sign important papers, you should wait a bit as Mercury is still retrograde. Expect delays in government related activities during this phase. 
Career and Business
For those in jobs, this is going to be a crucial week. Pressure at work is going to increase. It will be difficult to meet targets. You may get into clashes with your superiors. You may also decide to change your job suddenly due to an intense, pressure situation. Those in business too are going to face tough competition this week. 
Shortage of manpower or required resources may also bother you. This is favourable week, however, for those in import-export businesses. Be cautious and avoid making any further investment in an on-going business for now, as it may increase your liability or debt, which may get you in trouble in the near future.
Love and Dating
For lovers, October 15 is going to be tricky day, as Venus and North Node will be in conjunction in the Zodiac Sign Libra (the Sign of union). This factor indicates that both sides in a relationship may tend to get irritated by each other. Couples may even decide to part ways all of a sudden. In order to maintain loving relationships, you are advised to cultivate patience and tact. Let this phase pass. And, if you have too many grudges against each other, it will be better to take a small break from each other. 
Head out for a mini-vacation with your respective group of friends or family. To start dating someone, this week is not at all good as planetary positions are not very potent for a successful future romance.
Relationships and Sex
You shall need to watch your relations carefully with your father as well as your boss during this week, because Rahu is going to be in a close encounter with the Sun. Those in family businesses may also face disputes during this week. 
As Venus and Rahu too are going to be in close proximity this week, there may be a sudden increase in your sexual urges. Intense desire to be physically intimate, thus, will increase. But at the same time, Ganesha feels that the charm of such encounters will be very short-lived due to Rahu's influence on Venus. Sudden disillusions are also possible during this phase. One night stands may seem appealing now, but stay away from them as much as possible. 
Marriage and Children
Your relations with your children will remain good throughout the week. In married life, the fun element will seem to have decreased, due to one or the other reason. Moments of friction may disappoint you and your partner. Domestic responsibilities too are going to increase. There may also be certain things that you and your partner will have to jointly manage, which shall keep you busy. 
Socialising may also create stress, and you may feel that there is no personal space in life at all. 
Ganesha feels that during this entire week, you and your partner will have to try hard to maintain good rapport with each other. Stay calm and sorted.
The week is also favourable for planning long distance trips. During this week, your approach towards life may change. Those interested in spirituality and philosophy may plan to delve deeper in those areas. Nonetheless, you should not mix your personal and professional life this week as far as possible. Avoid getting too personal with anyone (even with your close friends) and certainly not with colleagues.
Wealth, Property, Money and Finance
Venus in Libra ideally should be keeping you happy in money matters. Jupiter too is well positioned. At the same time, however, the week indicates sudden expenses and confusions, because Rahu, the North Node is going to trouble Venus a bit. You may have to invest in something at a short notice, and may begrudge this as this will be unplanned. 
Unplanned expenses are expected too, and you may end up spending considerably. Don’t try to take big loans during this week, although you may be coming across good offers. If impulses are not controlled, it may lead to over spending on unnecessary things.