US actor in child sex abuse case

Stephen Collins allegedly admitted to molesting at least 3 young girls
Los Angeles: Los Angeles police are reviewing a 2012 probe into US actor Stephen Collins in light of an audio tape in which he allegedly admitted to molesting at least three young girls.
Collins, known for playing a wholesome pastor in TV series 7th Heaven, has been fired from a sequel to satirical movie Ted following the revelation by celebrity news website TMZ. In the audio tape obtained by TMZ, the 67-year-old appears to admit during a 2012 therapy session to inappropriate behavior with at least three under-age girls.
“There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis,” he is heard to say, referring to an 11-year-old girl. LA police said officers were investigating into a criminal complaint.
“We’re reviewing the investigation to ensure nothing was missed, and we’re collaborating with NY authorities to assist them,” LA police said. TV station UPTV decided to cancel reruns of 7th Heaven following publication of the audio tape, according to industry journal Variety, adding that Collins had been fired from Ted 2.
( Source : AFP )
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