Cow urine is new organic pesticide

The cow urine is fermented and sprinkled on the crop

Hyderabad: Farmers in Guntur district are using fermented cow urine mixed with neem leaves extract as organic pesticide.

The Gir breed of cows from Gujarat is preferred for this purpose, as it is believed that its milk and urine have more medicinal and insecticidal properties respectively.

A. Sanjeeva Reddy of Nutakki in Mangalgiri mandal in Guntur district said, “I have bought Gir cows from Gujarat. One cow can cover at least 25 acres of land.”

The cow urine is fermented and sprinkled on the crop. Neem extract can be added to increase its potency. “We are using cow urine extensively to produce fruits, vegetables and other crops. We are not using any chemical pesticide,” he said.

According the Union government’s department of animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries, “Cattle urine is also a powerful natural pesticide and, if used properly, can save human beings from the harmful effects of pesticide residues.”

Kanpur-based CSA University of Agriculture and Technology conducted tests on dung and urine sent by the Kanpur Goshala Society and reported that the samples did not contain any of these pesticides.

AP Biodiversity Board Chairman Dr R. Hampaiah explained: “A farmer is benefited two ways by using this combination of neem leaf oil and cow urine. The neem oil acts as the organic pesticide and cow urine serves as the urea supplement.” It reduces the cost for the farmers, he said.

“Further analysis of the composition led to the theory that the presence of sulphur, potassium, zinc, iron and copper might be responsible for the resistance to disease on application to foliage of plants. However, this remains a theory, which needs to be further investigated and supported by more scientific research,” it said.

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