BJP tracks Maharashtra leaders by GPS

GPS tracking devices attached to every vehicle of BJP candidates
Mumbai: BJP president Amit Shah is keeping party campaigners and candidates on their toes by personally monitoring the election campaign for the Maharashtra Assembly polls. The BJP chief has had GPS tracking devices attached to every vehicle being used by party candidates and leaders who have arrived in the state from other regions to campaign for the elections.
The objective is to keep a close watch on leaders and candidates to find out whether they are exercising their responsibilities with honesty.
This is in all probability the first time in the history of Indian politics that any political party is using GPS devices to track their own people.
A senior BJP leader confirmed that all vehicles being used by party candidates and senior leaders have had GPS systems installed. "The idea is to keep himself (Amit Shah) updated to know what is going on.
This will also ensure that everything is going as per plan," the leader said on condition of anonymity.
Mr Shah, who came into the limelight with the party tremendous victory in Uttar Pradesh in the general election, is known for his unique experiments for election campaigning. It was Mr Shah, who was in charge of the BJP campaign in UP for the Lok Sabha polls, to whom the party gave credit for achieving 72 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats for the BJP.
Mr Shah has taken the state Assembly elections as another challenge after the party lost its ally of 25 years, the Shiv Sena, over differences on seat-sharing and staking claim to the chief ministership, said another senior, adding that he would leave no stone unturned to ensure the party’s victory.
According to top BJP sources, many times leaders from the party, after working hard for a few days, try and find a way out of campaigning. The GPS devices, they said, would allow the party to check up on them.
One senior leader claimed that the GPS devices were fitted to ensure that the vehicles were not "misused", thought another senior functionary party maintained that by installing GPS, Mr Shah has send a message to every party candidate and leader: that he is watching all of them.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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