Parties demand say in Andhra Pradesh capital plans

Vijayawada: Cutting across political affiliations, leaders of various political parties demanded that the government involve all political parties in the land pooling process for establishing the capital.

They took strong objection to comments by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu that the government would acquire lands from farmers even if they are not willing to land pooling.

City’s BJP president P. Jaganmohan Raju suggested that lands should not be acquired without the consent of farmers.

He said the Centre would step in to resolve the land acquiring process, if necessary.

He hoped that the government would offer adequate benefits to farmers.

He asked the government to involve all-political parties in the establishment of the capital, which should not be the prerogative of any one party.

Former Congress MLA Malladi Vishnu took strong objection to comments of Mr Naidu.

He said the issue is very sensitive and the CM should act with more responsibility.

City’s CPM secretary Babu Rao said that first the government should announce the policy for land acquirement.

He said they would welcome decentralised development.

He also asked the government to involve farmers in the discussion on the issue.

An all-party committee meeting could be organised, if necessary, he added.

CPI secretary Donepudi Shankar too joined in the demand for including all-political parties in the land pooling process.

He said the government should not acquire lands without the consent of the farmers.

Small farmers should not lose their livelihood in the process, he said.

He also added that the government should not encourage real estate business.

TD leader Tumati Premnath said the CM would always work for development.

The farmers need not worry about the developments, he said, adding that the government had appointed a committee that would meet and explain the benefits to the farmers.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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