Star Power: A week full of red flags

Published Oct 5, 2014, 6:00 am IST
Updated Mar 30, 2019, 11:50 pm IST
Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Full Moon in Aries Plus Lunar Eclipse:  
October 8, 2014 
This Full Moon is going to be vital for everyone who is spiritually inclined. It also indicates some tensions related to mother’s/motherly figure’s health. 
Those travelling will need to be careful, as there are chances of mishaps. It’s, however, a good time to put an end to matters that may have been confusing you about your personal and conjugal life. 
Even extremely serious people may feel like “calling off” their marriage. Wait it out and let this phase pass. 
Aries and Libra born will have to be especially patient during this period. Cancer and Capricorn born too will have to be careful, ensuring to maintain perfect balance between their personal and professional fronts  for about a month from now. Steer clear of conversations that may lead to friction.
Special Note: The week is slightly unfavourable for signing contracts/documents, as Mercury is retrograde.
Career and Business 
From the career point of view, the week is going to remain active and hectic. But be extremely cautious while sending emails or any form of written communication to anyone. If you do not write in a clear and simple language, chances are high that it may get interpreted in a wrong way. On the other hand, this week is going to be good for drawing plans on paper or board, before you actually go ahead and implement them. That means you can carry out the required groundwork which may be related to your job or business. 
Love and Dating 
For lovers, this week is going to be better than last week, thanks to Venus, the goddess of love, who is in Libra i.e. its own sign. Also, although Venus has moved a little away from other inimical planets’ degree, it is still not completely free from the negative influence of those planets. 
Thus, you may still have problems in the realm of love, as Venus wouldn’t still be able to express herself freely! In other words, love may remain in the air, but the expression of love may get disturbed, or the picture of your love life may still remain a bit hazy. 
Relationships and Sex 
Your attention may largely be drawn towards your parents or elders during this week. Your relations with your parents, authority figures etc. may also undergo a delicate phase. This happens when the luminaries are disturbed in the cosmos (as the luminaries signify parents, authority figures and controlling / managing).
 Even if you feel that your parents have been seeking plenty of your attention, it will be worth giving the required attention to them until this delicate phase passes. 
Sexual desires are likely to operate at a higher octave during the entire week but frequent encounters may not be possible.
Marriage and Children 
The first part of the week indicates that all married couples will remain occupied with their responsibilities. While both partners in a relationship may remain busy, kids may or may not receive the required attention. Note that being worried about the performance of kids is one aspect, and helping them with their studies is another. Thus, don’t just fret, rather do something concrete. It’s high time to get a bit closer to them to understand and sort out their issues.
Personal Life 
As more planets are on the brighter side of the Zodiac, your social and professional life is going to remain very active. Things may be so hectic that you may hardly find time for yourself. Ganesha also strongly feels that you may be willing to put an end to many things this week, but even that may not be easy. Rather than abandoning a project or winding up things, it would be better to take a deep breath, and think deeply about what you want in life, and what you do not. 
Wealth, Property, Money and Finance 
Throughout the week, financial inflow shall largely remain normal for most people. 
Financial strength too may increase, but you shouldn’t invest in speculation or gambling this week, because the stars may not favour such activities.