CCTV cameras help solve chain-snatching cases, women safety

Chain-snatching worth Rs 44 lakhs solved with help of cameras

Mumbai: Assuming the safety and security of women of paramount importance, the locals of the western suburbs of Mumbai have installed CCTV cameras in the locality.

Cornel Gonsalves, the General Secretary and Treasurer of Bandra Gymkhana and member of the Salsette Catholic CHS, says, “ We had initially set-up around 18 CCTV cameras in the locality with plans to install more and as far as cameras installed in our locality are concerned, they are working effectively. In fact, ever since the cameras have been installed with the support of our MLA Baba Siddique, the safety situation certainly has improved because we have found no cases of chain snatching going on this area, which used to happen earlier especially when people would leave the Gymkhana and walk to their houses.”

According to the residents of this locality, the safety situation in Bandra, Khar and Santacruz, has become better with Baba Siddiqui as the Member of Legislative Assembly from Bandra West constituency.

According to Madhu Poplai, secretary of Pali Hill Residents Associations, the area was “plagued by car thefts and chain-snatching” till a few years ago.

Chain-snatching worth Rs 44 lakhs have been solved with the help of these CCTV cameras.

( Source : dc )
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