Healthcare at home an option for faster recovery

Now, with the help of home nursing, they recover in two weeks

Chennai: Due to shortage of staff and fewer beds in hospitals, families were encouraged to take the patient home with a bit of instructions. This has led to more home healthcare companies in the city. Officials of some companies say the recovery rate at home is faster, especially post-surgery.

CEO of Apnacare, Ramu, said, “Hospital acquired infection could be avoided in home care and recovery is faster if the patients are treated in an environment convenient for them.” He said, “We have tie-ups with some city hospitals who call us two days before discharge to have an interaction with the doctors discuss the condition of the patient and medicine schedule.” Specialty doctors were involved in patients who need special attention and equipment like oxygen, respirator are also provided when needed, he added.

“Due to advanced techniques, non-invasive, keyhole procedures and day care surgeries have come up, wherein the patient is sent home the same day or the third day. In such case, post-surgery care is much needed,” said Dr Anitha Arockiasamy, president of India Home Healthcare.

A decade back, a patient used to be kept in hospital for 10 days and once the patient is sent home, the family would treat the patient as normal. In such a situation, the patient is psychologically affected and it takes a month for them to recover, she said.

“Now, with the help of home nursing, they recover in two weeks. Simplified procedures in the medical field also help in fast recovery,” she noted. She said post-surgery care is more required for orthopaedic procedures like hip, knee replacement surgeries and spine surgeries, wherein physiotherapy and personal care are needed more than medical intervention.

Post-delivery, cancer-related surgeries also require home care, she added. There are also companies that provide nursing for elders, she said. Jothi Daswani, who runs a record labelling company, said, “I have used the services of a healthcare company for the past four years to look after my aged father-in-law.” Vijayaraghavan (65) of T. Nagar, who is treated for his fracture in the leg, is happy about the home care, as he has somebody to talk to him during the daytime since his children leave for office early.

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