Garbage dumping a biz in Kollam

Agents dump waste at deserted spots, lake
KOLLAM: A parallel and illegal waste management industry has been flourishing in the district due to the absence of domestic and commercial waste treatment facilities along with the increase in non-degradable garbage left in trashes.
The waste from urban settlements and commercial establishments like poultry farms and slaughterhouses is collected by agents who dump it illegally in various spots in the district, including Ashtamudi lake.
“The garbage from poultry farms is collected in sacks and carried in pick-up vans to deserted corners of the lake and dump there. The sacks usually sink, but spread throughout the waters if it is torn. Many a time, stones are attached to the sacks to keep them immersed,” said A. Sudheer, a resident near the lake.
Foul smell emanating from the garbage makes it impossible for the commuters to travel by the lake. The ecology of the lake is also badly hit.
The agents collect garbage from various institutions for which they are paid.
The spots identified are watched by a pilot team to ensure the absence of police and other threats, including cameras. Public places are mostly avoided by these groups, though Mevaram junction on the NH is an exception.
“The Mevaram area is the boundary of Kollam corporation and 75 percent of the area lies with Mayyanad panchayat and the rest with Thrikkovilvattom panchayat. This has turned out to be the reason for the apathy of authorities to the area.
There are agents who are employed to dump waste after collecting it from poultry farms and slaughterhouses,” said M. Nasar, Mayyanad panchayat member. Police had recently identified the groups collecting garbage from Pathanapuram and Punalur areas to dump in the city limits.
The assurance by the Kollam Mayor Prasanna Earnest to install cameras at vulnerable spots still remains unfulfilled.
( Source : dc )
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