Fishermen block National Highway in Kollam

The boats were untied by a group of fishermen from Kulachal in Tamil Nadu, allege fishermen

KOLLAM: Traffic through the National Highway in Kollam was blocked for several hours at the Neendakara Bridge following a protest by fishermen after their fishing boats were found destroyed on Wednesday morning.

Tension prevailed in the area followed by a clash between two groups of fishermen one alleging that the other untied their boats leading it to bob freely on the water leading them to be destroyed when they crashed against the breakwaters. The boats were untied by a group of fishermen from Kulachal in Tamil Nadu, allege fishermen.

According to Coastal Police, around 13 small boats were damaged in the clash in retaliation to the boat-untying incident as the traditional fishermen put the blame on fishermen of the other state. The issue of fishermen from the state using the Neendakara harbor has been simmering within the traditional fishermen for several years.

The boats belonging to the fishermen from Cheriyazheekkal and Pandarathuruthu had been damaged after the boats hit against the breakwaters incurring an estimated loss of Rs 1.25 cr. A meeting was held on Wednesday at the Collectorate in the presence of ADM B. Unnikrishnan to take a decision on the compensation for the damaged boats which will later be referred to the Minister’s office. The Coastal Police has registered a case and started investigation.

The other state boats have separate timings to go out to fish and to sell their catch in the market according to a time slot. However, the traditional fishermen allege that the modern facilities used in these boats have turned out to be a reason for the high catch and the low price of fish at the harbor.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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