Water diversion opposed in Srikakulam

The ministry of environment and forests is yet to give its nod for the power plant

Srikakulam: Left parties and its affiliated unions are opposed to the government order number 53, which was issued recently, for utilisation of water from Nagavali River to the proposed nuclear power plant at Kovvada in Ranastalam mandal.
According to GO No. 53, the government allowed for diversion of more than two crore litres of water from the Nagavali River every day for the power plant. The quantity of water is to be collected downstream of Narayanapu-ram dam from the river every day.
Earlier, the Congress government issued GO Nos. 42 and 103 for land acquisition for the power station.
At present, the TD government has also issued GO No. 186 by bifurcating zones around the NPP area.
Based on these zones, officials will give permission for new construction in the area.
“The Centre is yet to give its nod for construction of the NPP at Kovvada and it is at a proposal stage. It requ-ires more studies but the state government took a hasty decision,” said Citu state vice-president, P. Paparao.
“Sufficient water is not available in the Nagavali River from December to July, almost eight months a year and if two crore litres of water is diverted from the river every day it may lead to scarcity of water for irrigation and drinking purposes in Sant-hakaviti, Ponduru, Amudalavalasa, Srika-kulam urban and rur-al, Gara and Etcherla mandals,” said leaders of all parties at a round table meet at Srikaku-lam on Tuesday.
The ministry of environment and forests is yet to give its nod for the power plant and the Nuclear Power Corpor-ation of India Ltd. did not seek permission from the Atomic Ene-rgy Regulatory Commi-ssion for construction of the power plant at Kovvada, union leaders of Left parties said.
By ignoring all these facts, earlier the Congress and the present Telugu Desam governments in the state are hurrying and taking a hasty decision, said experts at the roundtable meet.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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