‘Out with non-performers’

DC speaks with Malikayya Guttedar

What are your comments on the Siddaramaiah govt?
Things are taking off after the by-elections. Tackling the floods and drought in different parts is a big challenge. Not only the CM, his team of ministers has to deliver the goods. As many ministers' performance is not satisfactory, the CM has to crack the whip to make them work. After Bangarappa, Siddaramaiah is the only leader from the backward community who has become CM. He has lived upto his reputation and committment. But some ministers by failing to effectively discharge their responsibilities have become a cause of embarrassment for him.

Gulbarga district in charge minister Qamarul Islam did not even step out of the district headquarter for three months when the district reeled under drought..
It's unfortunate that some district in charge ministers have proved to be totally ineffective. They have become ministers for their constituency, rather than for the entire district.

Should the CM go for cabinet expansion or a reshuffle.

Mere expansion of the Cabinet won't refurbish the govt’s image or improve things. A reshuffle is the need of the hour. The CM should drop those ministers who are ineffective and induct those who are competent and senior. Nearly 40 MLAs who met him recently tried to impress upon him this and told him not to attach much importance to caste while reconstituting the Cabinet.

You feel the stubborn stand taken by KPCC president Dr G Parameshwar demanding the deputy chief minister's post is hindering the expansion?

It's unfortunate that differences have cropped up between Mr Siddaramaiah and Dr Parameshwar. I don't understand why Dr Parameshwar is insisting on the DyCM's post. As a minister he can still do the kind of things he intends to do as DyCM.

You think the CM is really serious about Cabinet expansion or wants to buy time.

I don't understand why the CM is dragging his feet. He is much stronger now after winning nine MP seats in the Lok Sabha election. There is absolutely no threat to his chair.

You are a sixth time legislator and staunch supporter of Siddaramaiah. Do you think you have got justice?

I should have become minister in the first round itself. I may get the chance when the remaining four berths are filled. I must say I am being treated like a "gulama"(slave) in the Congress. What is the need to give a ministerial berth to Kagodu Thimmappa when he is Speaker? Mallikarjun Kharge's recommendation for Mr Kagodu would automatically deny a berth to me as both of us are Idigas. I'm really pained by the action of Mr Kharge.

( Source : dc )
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