Rani Mukherjee’s new hobby is to look after home

The actress talks about her life after marriage, the new hobbies that she has picked up and more
Mumbai: No starry tantrums or airs, Rani Mukherjee took every question that was thrown at her at the Bangalore Literature Festival. The actress spoke of films, life after marriage and every-thing in between.
After raising awareness on child-trafficking in Mardaani, Rani Mukherjee now talks about the importance of women empowerment. “Mothers need to teach their sons to respect women. Mindsets need to change and women must stand up and retaliate when required. That said, as an actor, I feel we should do more socially relevant films, even if it doesn’t rake in the greens at the box office. After all, it doesn’t hurt to do one film that goes beyond the realms of entertainment. That is the reason I did Mardaani,” says the actress.
The new bahu of the Yash Raj family says that as much as she loves the romantic movies with their typical song-dance sequences, she equally, if not more, enjoys the ones that require her to kick some rear end!
Speaking of marriage, the actress says that the new phase has brought along with it new hobbies.
“I have a newfound hobby looking after my home. I never realised how difficult it was for my mother until now. I am clueless when the househelp asks me what her chores for the day are,” she says.
The actress also adds that reading books related to health have also caught her fancy lately. “I fantasise about making those exotic salads, but the only problem is that no matter how hard I try, I never find half the ingredients,” shrugs the actress, who also loves reading the works of Paulo Coelho and Ayn Rand.
As far as the movies are concerned, the actress says that from now on, she will only
be doing one film a
year. “Marriage has given me more time. I plan to make good use of that,” she insists.
Incidentally, it was Rani’s mom and grandmother, who were keen that she joins the film industry, while her father was very skeptical.
“My father felt that there were sharks in the industry who would rip his little girl apart. My mother, on the other hand, urged me, saying that since opportunities were literally falling on my lap, sitting at home, I should at least give those a shot. I found my calling in Bollywood and films because of my mom,” she says.
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