Nights get hotter, some more rains likely

The humidity levels in the city stand lower than the usual average

Hyderabad: Although no heat wave warning has been issued by the Indian Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature in the city have been rising over the past few days, while the moisture levels have been dropping. The IMD has predicted that there will be no major change in the current weather pattern over the next week.

As for the remaining nine districts of Telangana state, the IMD has predicted scanty to isolated rainfall over the next few days. The meteorologists expect some more rains before the monsoon finally withdraws.

The withdrawal of monsoon has already begun in the north-western parts of the country, and the IMD expects the monsoon to withdraw from the Telangana region by mid-October. With dry weather being predicted for the next one week, only a small time-window is left for further rainfall here.

Renowned meteorological scientist and former director of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Prof B.N. Goswami, said, “Hyderabad has received deficit rainfall this season. In fact, it has received lesser rainfall than places like Pune. However, I think Hyderabad may receive some more rainfall before the final withdrawal of monsoon.”

IMD Hyderabad director in-charge Dr Y.K. Reddy said existing weather conditions in Hyderabad and much of Telangana state will continue without any change in the next four days. Only light rainfall in some isolated areas is expected. Rainfall deficit in Telangana this season stands at about 33 per cent, while in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, it is about 21 per cent, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. The country as a whole has a deficit of about 12 per cent.

The humidity levels in the city stand lower than the usual average, while the minimum temperatures have also risen over the past few days by up to 4 degrees Celsius above normal. Humidity has been remaining lower than the average by about 5 to 7 per cent in the city.

The meteorologists said hot weather conditions are due to the beginning of withdrawal of monsoon.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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