Star Power: Do be careful at work and avoid arguments

Published Sep 28, 2014, 5:01 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 1:28 am IST
Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Professionals are unlikely to enjoy this week much as they are likely to face stiff competition and pressure at the workplace. (Photo: DC/File)
 Professionals are unlikely to enjoy this week much as they are likely to face stiff competition and pressure at the workplace. (Photo: DC/File)
Cosmic Calendar 29th September 2014
September, 30, 2014... Venus is in Libra. The transiting Venus enters its own Sign Libra on 30th September'14. The debilitated Venus created plenty of problems in everyone’s personal life in the past two weeks. And, Venus in Libra will only ‘slightly’ improve the situation, so it is not really going to be a very significant transit. Problems in partnership or personal lives (married or unmarried) may continue, because Sun and North node both will be in Libra too. Relationships, therefore, will need to be handled very tactfully. However, this transit bodes well for creative people. So, if you are a painter, a writer or a musician, you may get going with your projects.
Career and Business
Professionals are unlikely to enjoy this week much as they are likely to face stiff competition and pressure at the workplace. Remember that this is not the right time for discussions or arguments at the office. Ganesha also advises you to maintain a low profile as Mercury is in Scorpio, which indicates that colleagues may make snide remarks aimed at you. And, reacting to them will only lead creation of friction between peers or superiors. The following businesses have good growth prospects this week, though — hotel industry, film/media or any creative business and deals in luxurious items or jewellery. 
Love and Dating
Love life for most of you may remain average this week. You will be unable to judge if your relationship is heading in the right direction or not. The need can be emotional as well as physical, but you should handle the ‘emotional’ aspect with greater care. Avoid getting close physically, unless the ‘emotional’ front is balanced. Your partner and you must avoid taking major decisions this week, like getting married as there are chances you might regret decisions. This week, you may also not feel confident about the strength of your relationship. The journey of Venus through Libra ideally should have been good news for lovers but unfortunately, the Sun and the North node seem to be bent on making things tough.
Relationships and Sex
On the whole, relationships may continue to struggle due to Sun and the North node’s current placement in Libra. In the domain of other relationships, ties with the father, for most people, will need careful handling during the week ahead. Your father’s health during this time may also cause you worry, because the Sun, the significator of father, is approaching the North node.
With siblings, your relations may remain average. And friends may not stand by you, when you need them. You are advised to take it easy, and to give your best to these relations. But if you expect too much from them, you may be disappointed. Sexually, this is going to be an active week, because Venus is entering Libra, but your performance may remain average, as Mercury and Saturn both are in Scorpio.
Marriage and Children
Venus, Sun and North node, all three will be operating together after September 30, in the Zodiac Sign Libra. This indicates that you may have a mixed feeling of ‘love-hate’ towards your spouse. Your spouse’s mood too may remain very unpredictable. While the domestic environment looks set to be good this week, ensure that your tumultuous relationship with the spouse does not disturb it. Those of you who have been having fights at home, will have to be extra careful. Children too may need some confidence boosting during this period, and will need your due guidance and motivation.
Personal Life
Ganesha feels that during this week, you should focus on working on your short-term goals, rather than the long-term ones, because Mars is in Sagittarius, which indicates you will be able to handle the former better. Jupiter applying Trine with Mars also indicates that you will be able to invest your energies wisely. South node’s transit through Aries also shows this is a very good time for those who are willing to start some form of spiritual practice. This week is ideal for starting regular pooja or worship, and you may also join alternative healing classes.
Wealth, Property, Money and Finance
Venus is entering Libra. Property-related issues will need careful handling. Overall, financially this is a time of mixed fortunes. So, even if the inflow of money happens to be good, you may not be able to save much, as the outflow too is going to increase. Though Venus in Libra indicates that you shall spend on luxury and leisure to keep the opposite sex happy, it is advised that you to be pragmatic in money matters.