Scientist claims Big Bang theory incorrect

Laura Mersini-Houghton said it is impossible for stars to collapse and form a singularity

Washington: A University of North Carolina scientist claimed she has mathematical proof that black holes cannot exist. Physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton explained with the help of mathematical calculations that black holes cannot so much as come into existence since there is no such thing as singularities.

She said it is impossible for stars to collapse and form a singularity.

Previously, scientists thought stars much larger than the sun collapsed under their own gravity and formed black holes when they died, but Ms Houghton’s papers claim that a long-known aspect of a black hole’s formation can be used to prove mathematically that they don’t form, reported Daily Mail.

According to the new research, if a black hole can’t form then, for the exact same reasons, the Big Bang could not have played out as a classical singularity, reported

While Ms Houghton agrees with the former than a star collapses under its own gravity and gives off radiation, she also added that when producing this radiation, the star also gives away mass, reported

Most physicists think the universe originated from a singularity that began expanding with the Big Bang about 13.8 billion years ago. If singularities themselves do no exist, the concept of the Big Bang will have to be reevaluated completely, and whether it even happened would become a debate of another level itself. One reason that black holes are so bizarre is that they pit two fundamental theories of the universe against each other.

For instance, Einstein’s theory of gravity formulated formation of black holes. But quantum theory states no information can ever disappear. Efforts to combine these two theories proved problematic, and has become known as the black hole information paradox.

( Source : agencies )
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