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Relationships do change with age: Tabu

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Published on: September 26, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

The elusive Tabu tells us about her take on marriage and love

Mumbai: There have been actresses who’ve thrived on presenting a glam doll image, and then there is Tabu. Her simplicity and histrionic prowess ensured that the actress was always a few notches above her peers. "It was never a strategy. It is my personality that reflects in my choice of roles," says Tabu, clad in a simple jeans and kurta combination, face utterly devoid of make-up, for this interview.  

"Because I do selective films, and portray certain kinds of characters on screen, people believe that I live a very boring life. Trust me, that’s not true," she says, with a laugh. "When I’m not working I like to pen down my thoughts, I travel and I’m busy doing up my house. Yes, I do party as well. I don’t go clubbing but I have close friends like Farah (Khan), I love to hang out with them. We haven’t caught up in some time now, as she is busy with her family and her film (Happy New Year)."

Hmm, and what about that special someone? Does Tabu miss being in a relationship? "The definition of a relationship changes with age. At 21, I was looking for certain qualities in a man, today it’s different. Apart from the compatibility aspect, I’d want him to match up to my sensibility," she says. And has she found a man like that? "The fact that I was in a relationship with a certain person at a certain time was because there was a bond. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn’t," she shrugs.

Most of the actresses who are her contemporaries are married now; doesn’t she feel the need to settle down? "Every woman looks for an anchor in her boyfriend or husband. When I do find that support in a man, I’ll settle down. Having said that, I’m not complaining about being single," Tabu asserts. For now, she’s content with the company of her 17-year-old nephew Fateh (Tabu’s sister Farha’s son). We hear that Fateh has taken it upon himself to keep his khala updated about social networking and other trends. "Fateh is big boy now. He wants me to join Twitter and Face- book. But I’m not sure if I want to put myself out there and be available for the world. I’m a very private person. Honestly, I don’t have much to talk about myself," Tabu says.

On a more contemplative note, she adds, "I am very proud of the way Farha has brought up Fateh. Being a single parent, she had to sacrifice her career and give up on her social life to ensure that she’s always there for him. My family and friends never thought that a firebrand like Farha would live the life of a homebody — that was expected of me. So you know, looks and personality can be so deceptive."

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