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Mangalyaan mission: ‘Manglik’ Mars not so unlucky

Published Sep 25, 2014, 12:49 pm IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 2:05 am IST
The success of the mission will now allay people's fears of the red planet
The planet Mars.
 The planet Mars.

Hyderabad: The nation and Twitter erupted with joy as Mangalyaan entered the Mars orbit on Wednesday.

But several people also joked about the satellite now becoming Manglik, an astrological condition when a person is born during a particular time in tune with the red planet.


However, many also commented that with the “Manglik” Mangalyaan “successfully” entering Mars’ orbit, India would now be rid of its superstitions.

Astrologers believe that marriages with Mangliks are not harmonious since their nature is akin to the fiery red planet. “So #Mangalyaan is a Manglik satellite? I hope they married it to a tree first,” entrepreneur Niyati Rambhia tweeted.

Shilpa Rathnam tweeted, “Typical Indian: Happy about successful Mars mission, unhappy about being Manglik. We’ve still got a long way to go.”

People also joked that the mission was now Manglik and so were the scientists associated.


“Proud moment India, take a bow scientists and Isro for #Mangalyan. So, should we call all people associated with this mission #Manglik?” another user, Gautam Pendharkar tweeted.

People also commented that the mission’s success should encourage people to shed the fear of Mars.

Content writer Mr Malay Desai Tweeted, “Let's hope that today someone important & famous points out that we are also a country to have ruined many marriages on the 'Manglik' factor.”

Mr Tejas Tamhane, another Twitter user, wrote, “Now me being a Manglik should no more be an issue with Indians. We are all in it afterall!”