Stand off in three places along Line of Actual Control

The Chinese side has refused to leave the Indian territory for now

New Delhi: Security forces have indicated to the national security adviser Ajit Doval that a diplomatic intervention in all probability would be required to disengage the tension in Chumar because the options are extremely limited at the military level where the flag meetings have proved inconclusive. While the Chinese side has refused to leave the Indian territory for now, the situation is still under the control of the Indian troops who have outnumbered the Chinese in numerical strength at the stand-off locations.

Presently, there are two military stand-offs in Chumar and one civil confrontation in the Demchok area of Ladakh region of J&K. While at the first military stand-off point, 50 Chinese troops are facing 150 Indian troops, at the second stand-off point 35 Chinese troops are facing 100 Indian troops. But the Indian Army has mobilised hundreds of troops behind the frontline positions. Sources said both sides are continuously replacing their men at every 24 hours and that while there are no heavy field weapons deployed from any side yet, all the personnel are fully in combat gear from both sides.

Sources revealed that at the civil stand off point in Demchok, civilians of both sides are being actively backed by their armies. The day the Chinese President was to arrive in New Delhi from Ahmedabad, the Chinese troops in Chumar at point R-5100 made a strategic retreat by moving into their vehicular convoys and kept observing the Indian deployment from a distance.

( Source : dc correspondents )
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