Preparation of ID liquor gains heat

Total of 1.11 lakh litres of illicit liquor has been seized
KARIMNAGAR: Manufacturing of illicit liquor has gained momentum in Karimnagar district as suggested by the records available with the excise authorities, ahead of the Dasara festival.
A total of 1.11 lakh litres of illicit liquor has been seized and over 6 lakh litres of jaggery wash has been destroyed by the excise officials in the last four weeks. It was found that residents of some thandas in the district were indulged in the manufacturing of illicit liquor, considering the huge demand it has during the festival.
During the festival season, consumption of alcohol is heavy so much so that some outlets in urban areas run out of stocks. So people shift their focus to rural areas. However, illicit liquor is prohibited in the state and so the excise authorities have been conducting raids in thandas.
According to statistics available with the excise officials, a total of 306 persons, half of them women, were arrested for allegedly being involved in the offence in the last one month.
As many as 899 cases were booked and over 914 kg of black jaggery and 34 vehicles were seized during raids in thandas.
Deputy Commissioner of Excise and Probition D. Shiva Naik said distillation of illicit liquor is carried out on a large-scale in view of Dasara festival. “During Dasar, the number of cases and arrests related to ID (Illicitly Distilled) liquor would always go up.”
( Source : dc correspondent )
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