Watch: Pawan Kalyan is a make-up, pack up guy, says Kalvakuntla Kavitha

The TRS MP's day out at Deccan Chronicle was fire and nice

Hyderabad: “Do we see Pawan Kalyan any more? He has always been the make-up and the pack-up guy. He comes before elections with a little make-up, does his act and goes off. But, we have been with people and will remain so.”

That is not the acerbic Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao speaking, but his daughter and Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who has made a mark for herself as a fiery if implacable agitator.

She spearheaded the ‘soft’ agitation for statehood with her Telangana Jagruti, using the traditional Bathukamma festival as her ‘weapon.’ Today she is well aware that she needs to transition to being part of the ruling party.

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Ms Kavitha was at the Deccan Chronicle office to interact with the reporting and editorial staff. She spent well over 90 minutes, answering a range of questions and came across as a leader who has a clear mind, a sharp take on various issues and the gumption to speak about them.

She speaks as sharply as her father is known to. To cite just one instance, she says, “Do we see Pawan Kalyan any more,” about one of the TRS’s most vocal critics. Is this talent hereditary? “It is not all genetic,” she says and adds that it comes from all the hard work she put in over the years.

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On the nativity clause, she says, “There is definitely a need for our people. There are many laws in various states, which have local, district, zonal reservations for locals and I believe there is nothing wrong in calling our people.”

On Hyderabad, the branding of which is big news, she says: “Hyderabad is not about Hitech city, but about Golconda and Charminar.”

Watch TRS MP K. Kavitha's conversation with Deccan Chronicle here:

( Source : dc correspondent )
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