Mahesh Babu and director Srinu Vaitla are looking at a possible nightmare

Published Sep 24, 2014, 6:18 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Aagadu’s run is already slowing down

Despite all the hype  surrounding Aagadu, Mahesh Babu and director Srinu Vaitla are looking at a possible nightmare at the box-office.

Aagadu’s run is already slowing down and several movie-goers are wondering why Mahesh Babu even agreed to go ahead with a “boring” film. Others say that the movie even has dialogues that have no place in it. “There was no context at all and many dialogues were placed in the movie without any purpose. I also felt Mahesh Babu was unnecessarily shouting throughout the movie and later I felt it was just a case of over-acting,” says Susheel Gupta, a city-based businessman.


Another Mahesh Babu fan, Sharath Kumar, believes the film is a mix of several other popular flicks. “It’s a typical Srinu Vaitla movie. And if you have seen his previous movies, the scripts remain similar and he would just change the climax to present a new film. When you watch Aagadu, the beginning will remind you of Gabbar Singh and as you proceed, you will be reminded of Dookudu. Srinu Vaitla knows that whatever he makes, people will still go and watch.”

In other cities too, the film is failing to convince movie-goers to give it a second chance. “The movie just drags on and I felt I had watched it for two days! And as usual, the role of the lead actress amounts to nothing - which is such a bad practice in Tollywood. There is need for directors and stars to come up with movies such as 1-Nenokkadine,” says M. Lakshmi, a B.Tech student from Vijayawada.

Another engineering student, Battu Sreekar, feels Aagadu felt aged, as if it was from 10 years ago. “What’s new is Mahesh Babu doing such a mass role and the movie is surviving only on hype, not script,” he said.

Even in Visakhapatnam, movie-goers are disappointed. Deepak Koyilada, a cinematographer from Vizag who has worked in movies such as 1920 and Bullet Raja, said the film was a blur. “Most of the movie was over in the first half. Things just went on too fast and I felt the movie was stretched into a full length feature film.”

Overall then, Aagadu has not worked out well for both the director and the actor and if the current trends remains, the film could go down in history with a two thumbs down.