Student takes ill after 400 push-ups

The couple came down heavily against the teachers and the school administration

Nellore: In yet another incident of corporal punishment, a student became ill after the teachers of Gurukul School in Sullurpeta forced him to do 400 push-ups allegedly after he failed to complete the homework about three days back. The incident came to light on Monday when the parents of the student came to the school after coming to know about the punishment.

According to information, Kiliveti Keerthana is studying Class V in the Gurukul School.

A teacher in the school made her to do 200 push-ups for ignoring the homework on Saturday morning and another 200 in the evening.

The girl was almost not able to move and her legs were swollen by then evening. Her sister studying in the school alerted her parents over phone when she noticed temperature on Sunday.

Parents of the girl Ram-anaiah and Subba Ratna-mma of Kotapoluru rush-ed to the school on Mon-day and they were shock-ed when they noticed the condition of their child.

Parents lamented over the plight of Keerthana, who, according to them, was is just recovering from typhoid fever.

They took her to a local hospital and thereafter to the home. Principal told newsmen that she came to know about it through parents and assured action the teachers.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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