Despite BBMP’s efforts, dog bite cases continue to rise

Bengaluru: Dog bites are getting more frequent in the city. Till today 2039 dog bite cases have been reported this year at Epidemic Diseases Hospital and city hospitals across the city report that they see nearly 3-5 dog bite cases per week.

"In August we had received 159 dog bite cases on an OPD basis and I have observed a rise in dog bite cases," informs Dr Ansar Ahmed, Medical Superintendent of Epidemic Diseases Hospital.

City-based CMH Hospital gets 5 cases every week of dog bite. "Some severe cases come to us every week, it’s definitely quite common," says Dr Mural from CMH Hospital.

Victoria Hospital gets around ten dog bite cases every day, informs one of the hospital officials. "On a daily basis we are seeing nearly 5-10 cases of dog bite and people do lack awareness about first aid measures," says Girish from Victoria Hospital.

“Basically the dog population is increasing and hence the rise in such cases. Sometimes it is because of other reasons as well,” says Dr Ansar.

According to the data shared by BBMP, from a total of 6261 dog bite cases since April this year, 3621 dog bite cases were of street dogs. “As per the data given by BBMP health department, out of 6261 total dog bite cases since April, some 2640 were pet dog bite cases and 3621 were stray dog bite cases,” informs Dr Shivarama, Joint Director (Animal Husbandry), BBMP.

Even though BBMP seems to be trying to crack the whip on dog bites, the cases cannot be curtailed. Speaking to DC on the measures BBMP is taking to curb the increasing number of bites, Dr Shivarama informs, “BBMP is doing as much as it can. We are catching the street dogs, operating them and as per the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules leave them at the area of their birth. We have vaccinated 10461 street dogs and operated 5102 street dogs since April. Twice in a year we vaccinate street dogs with anti-rabies through NGOs and then leave them at their place of birth, maintaining the social order.”

Citing the main reasons for increasing dog bite cases, Dr Shivarama says that despite awareness programs people feed stray dogs, which should be avoided at all costs. He also blames the garbage problem. “Sometimes these dogs eat animal waste and become ferocious, so their feeding on garbage is also something that needs to be looked into,” asserts Dr Shivaram.

( Source : dc )
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