ISI agent bought Indian identity just for Rs 35,000

He spent less than Rs 35,000 to acquire Indian identity, which included the passport, a fake SSLC and pan card
New Delhi: Intelligence agencies are alarmed at the ease with which ‘dangerous’ foreigners manage to get Indian passports. The latest is the case of Sri Lankan Tamil Arun Selvarajan, recruited by the Pakistani ISI to operate its module in Tamil Nadu. He spent less than Rs 35,000 to acquire an Indian identity, which included the passport, a fake SSLC (secondary school leaving certificate) and pan card from the Income Tax department as well, according to a senior intelligence officer dealing with the south desk.
“Actually, this Arun’s case is a classic example of how easily a dangerous foreigner can integrate with the local population. After arriving from Colombo, where his Sri Lankan parents continue to live, this young chap started operations in Tamil Nadu rather easily for his ISI handlers based in the Pakistan high commission in Colombo. He managed to acquire an Indian identity easily”, the officer told DC, stressing on the lack of a fool-proof mechanism to stop such undesirable elements from sneaking in from abroad and indulging in terror-related crimes.
“Arun was the third ISI module to be cracked in the south in the last two years and perhaps the most expensive one for the Pakistanis in terms of funds and human resources”, said another ‘field’ officer, recalling that the first one, Thameem Ansari of Thanjavur, was nabbed just before he could board a flight to Colombo in September 2012 to meet with his ISI handler Amir Zubair Siddique. The second catch was Sakir Hussain, a Sri Lankan, caught last year. n P3
( Source : dc correspondent )
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