Bio-toilets for Visakhapatnam soon

GVMC proposed 50 e-toilets, bio-toilets
Visakhapatnam: The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation is planning to smarten the city with hassle-free high-tech toilet systems like Namma toilets, bio-toilets and e-toilets shortly.
Officials have already started some projects in the city and some other works are under pipe-line. Lack of cleanliness and poor upkeep, no proper ventilation, no continuous arrangement of water and lighting, poor construction standards, no budget for maintenance and no proper disposal system were found to be the main reasons for failure of the traditional system.
Now, the proposed systems are hygienic, safe and manageable, according to officials. A team of officials visited Chennai and observed Namma toilets and planned to replicate the model in the city too.
They are planning to arrange three such toilets at RTC complex, railway station, and NAD Junction based on mobility of people. These toilets are having sensor-based automated LED lights with 3-W that work on solar power, comfortable ventilation, hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins, provision for LED streetlight pole and facility for physically challenged persons also.
Thivandrum based Eram Scientific Solutions Limited developed e-toilet, being widely used in Kerala, which is India’s first electronic portable, public toilet that uses GPRS controls and needs less than 40 sqft of space, has now been proposed by the officials at some areas on pilot basis.
It can be programmed to accept either Re 1, Rs 2 or Rs 5 denominations. After payment, the door of the unit unlocks and the light and exhaust fan are swit-ched on automatically. Three toilets are being placed at busy Diamond Park and Jagadamba Junctions for public use.
Bio-toilets developed by DRDO were also proposed at 40 places in the city. The system degrades and converts human excreta into usable wat-er and methane gas in an eco-friendly manner. The process involves a kind of bacteria that helps in degrading the waste and releases gas and water.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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