Streams threat to future AP capital

AP new capital is planned on the banks of the Krishna River
Guntur: The new riverfront capital proposed by the Andhra Pradesh government would face frequent inundation due to the existence of various local streams in and around Amaravati. Transportation between Amaravati-Vijayawada and Guntur-Amaravati has been cut for the past two days due to overflowing of Kondaveeti vagu, Narukulla vagu, Yerra vagu, Ogeru and Nallamada streams.
The Telugu Desam government is planning to set up the new capital in and around Amaravati on the banks of the Krishna River, but the frequent inundation due to the overflow of local streams would be a big problem for the new capital. Five streams originate in the upland areas and join Krishna River at various point.
The government plans to establish the secretariat and departmental offices in Amaravati and Tadikonda in view of the availability of 11,000 acre government land and 6,000 acre private lands. Interestingly, these mandals have been marooned due to heavy rain and despite the downpour having stopped on Friday; the areas were cut from Guntur and Vijayawada forcing APSRTC to cancel bus services.
A retired irrigation engineer, N. Mutayala Rao said that Kondaveeti vagu inundates Amaravati and Tadikonda during rainy season every year and during natural calamities. Kondaveeti vagu originates in Kondavidu hills, passes through Achampeta, Tadikonda, Amaravati and Mangalagiri mandals and merges into the Krishna River at Prakasam Barrage. This stream inundates Amaravati and Tadikonda; hence the new capital on the banks of Krishna River is not safe.
Besides this, Pottela vagu, Pala vagu, Ayyanna vagu, Narukulla vagu, Yerra vagu, Ogeru and Nallamada streams join Kondaveeti vagu at various points further increasing the water flow. All the agricultural fields and majority of residential areas in Amaravati mandal would be affected, said P. Narasimha Rao, leader of the farmer’s union. He said that the road to Guntur is cut off every time due to overflow of Kondaveeti vagu at LAM farm road link would be cut to Vijayawada at Vykuntapuram, which was proposed for the new capital.
A teacher in Vykuntapuram village, D. Kondala Rao, said that Amaravati situated at a 10 km distance from their village, cannot be reached during rainy season due to overflow of streams, including Kondaveeti vagu, hence the government should first draw a detailed plan to save the proposed river front from frequent inundation before starting capital construction.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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