Builder encroaches ‘raja kaluve’

Residents of Classic Orchard, decided to act against the erring builders

Bengaluru: Three years may have passed since the High Court issued an order directing the BBMP to demolish all the storm water drain encroachments in the city. Out of several hundred encroachments identified by the civic body, it has acted against only a few small structures like tin sheds and shops. Leaving the big sharks untouched, the BBMP time and again has proved its 'inability' to take over big names.

A case in point: the BBMP officials of Arakere sub-division have failed to take action against a complaint by members of Classic Orchards Property Owners' Association.

According to the complainant and president of the association, Subbu Hegde, the firm Nakoda Construction Limited is constructing an apartment complex 'Aastha Valmark' in Kothnur village, Uttarahalli Hobli, encroaching a raja kaluve. The builders have not only encroached the raja kaluve but have even submitted fake documents of the apartment complex.

Mr Hegde explains, "The builder has been selling the apartments by quoting the survey number 86/2 instead of Sy. No.176/2 (which is partly a government land) based on a fraudulent sale deed with M/s. Amalgamated Property Developers. Though construction started more than a year ago, permissions were taken only in January this year. The 20-gunta land (sale deed no. BNG(U)JPN-7729/2011-12 dated 25.11.2011) encroaches a raja kaluve, blocking free flow of rain water."

The residents of Classic Orchard, who faced waterlogging problems during the rainy season, decided to act against the faulty builders. They noticed that the raja kaluve was diverted and a pipe was installed to release storm water.

Mr Hegde says, "The raja kaluve that passes through our layout was diverted by 90 degrees on the other side of the road and a 10-inch pipe was installed to let go the flood water of the raja kaluve. This adversely affected the smooth flow of flood water passing through the raja kaluve. The catchment areas for the Raja Kaluve are Kothnur village, BMTC depot and our layout."

A complaint was filed with Narayan, assistant executive engineer, Arakere sub-division in March last year. However, due to the apathy of the officials, no action has been taken so far while constructions are in full swing. The association has now demanded that the approval for the building plan needs to be cancelled as per clause 40 of the approval.

Meanwhile, storm water drain chief engineer Ananthaswamy said he was unaware of the number of raja kaluve encroachments in the city. "I have no clue," confessed the official.

( Source : dc )
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