Net campaign to let Yesudas in Guruvayur

The demand for Yesudas’ temple entry has surfaced as a campaign on the net

Kochi: A perpetual bar on vocalist and playback singer K J Yesudas from entering the portals of Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur pops up often, only to die down soon, leaving the Krishna bhakt sad at heart.

This time the demand for Yesudas’ temple entry has surfaced as a campaign on the net. “Guruvayur Dewasom Board: Let Yesudas, the versatile Malayalam singer, enter Guruvayur temple”, says Sudheer Menon in Kochi.

The petition has been endorsed by 753 people but the petitioner wants 10,000 people to back his effort.

“Yesudas, who has the bhakti, belief and devotion to Lord Krishna, has every right to enter the temple... our dear Dasettan is a devotee of Ayyappa, Mookambika... a regular visitor to temples. Let us all sign this petition and submit it to Guruvayur Devaswom”.

Yesudas has rendered so many bhajans, so well. “They can’t be sung so well unless he is a believer this discrimination is unacceptable”.

Yesudas has not commented. His position is that he will not seek it any more since it’s left to the wisdom of the board and priests. It’s 82 years since the legendary Guruvayur satyagraha was staged to protest the ban on Dalits entry at Guruvayur.

The question of Yesudas entry was first posed in 1960s. Being a Catholic, the singer was barred from performing in the precincts of the Hindu lord. However, Yesudas’ guru Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar was let in. But seeing his disciple’s plight, the Guru led Yesudas to an impromptu, all-night concert in praise of Lord Krishna outside the temple.

Meanwhile, most political parties have advocated for Yesudas’s entry. “Yesudas is in the company of the illustrious composer Yusaf Ali Kechery and the late Kalamandalam Hyder Ali, all great admires of Krishna but forever denied entry into his abode.

Most political parties, including BJP, have advocated Yesudas entry.

Devaswom chairman TV Chandramohan says the temple has to abide by present laws, which do not permit non-Hindus. “When I met Yesudas four months back, he said that he doesn’t want to be allowed into the temple through a controversy”, said Mr Chandramohan.

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