Narendra Modi asks Xi for talks to clarify LAC

Two countries also agreed on a maritime cooperation dialogue

New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi while expressing his concerns about the repeated incidents at the border also discussed other trade and visa concerns.

The two countries also agreed on a maritime cooperation dialogue later this year to exchange views on issues like freedom of navigation. The discussion on maritime issues and security, including anti-piracy, assumes significance as China had earlier raised objections over the presence of Indian warships in the South China Sea, where it claims territorial sovereignty. New Delhi has been saying that there should be no impediment on the movement of its vessels there in international waters.

“I raised our serious concern over repeated incidents along the border. We agreed that peace and tranquillity in the border region constitutes an essential foundation for mutual trust and confidence and for realising the full potential of our relationship. This is an important understanding, which should be strictly observed. While our border-related agreements and confidence-building measures have worked well, I also suggested clarification of the Line of Actual Control would greatly contribute to our efforts to maintain peace and tranquillity and requested President Xi to resume the stalled process of clarifying the LAC. We should also seek an early settlement of the boundary question,” the PM said after after the three-hour talks with the Chinese President. A joint statement by the two sides could be issued before the visit ends on Friday.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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