MC Siddharth Sood is a Indian wedding rapper

Siddharth has over the years, performed at nightclubs

A wedding rapper at an Indian wedding? Doesn’t sound right, does it? But all doubts disappear once you meet MC Siddharth Sood, who has in fact made a “fabulous life” out of it.

“It’s an interesting story. I had been performing in nightclubs since 2002. While I was doing my MBA in Symbiosis, Pune, I was at a Mumbai show, when a wedding planner spotted me. I myself was surprised at the idea, but I told him that I would do anything for money. So what started off with a cocktail party at a Sindhi wedding, went on to the sangeet and I have not looked back,” says Sid.

MC Sid, who recently performed at businessman Amit Gianchandani’s and Urvashi Kapoor’s wedding in the city, has a solid clientele in the city.

Sid has over the years, performed at nightclubs like Touch, at several marriages, besides at house parties for the likes of Allu Arjun. “Harsha and Pritham Reddy are good friends. And Tollywood crowd is just amazing to perform for. Can you believe Allu Arjun has a disco in the basement of his house? Even the weddings go all out. Like when Sona Reddy, who owns this store called Room Therapy, married industrialist Varun Reddy, had her wedding at the Golconda Fort and it was an experience,” he says.

And the city is just one of the many places this rapper travels to on the job. If travelling to Goa twice a month doesn’t sound exciting, imagine having the chance to go to the most exotic locations in countries like Spain, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

On the mic, Sid raps freestyle and incorporates a lot of humour. But humour with the flow of alcohol and egos at weddings can be a risky proposition. “I pick on people during stand up comedy acts, when it comes to weddings I praise them all the women become Kareena Kapoors and men Brad Pitts,” he says.

“But yes, one guest took offense once. He was in his 60s and I compared him to Dev Anand. He even confronted me, and later told me, ‘At least you could have called me Brad Pitt’,” he shares.

Sid insists that the fun levels at South Indian weddings are starting to match the ones up North. “It is a misconception that the weddings here are more traditional. Things are changing, and I think it has more to do with today’s generation that balances tradition and fun,” he adds.

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