Stronger China not a threat to anyone: Xi Jinping

‘Neighbours may have problems, one should not focus on just the differences’

New Delhi: A stronger China is not a threat to any country, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday and stressed on a "fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable" solution to the vexed boundary issue at an early date through peaceful talks.

Xi, who is here on a state visit, said while neighbours may have problems, one should not focus on just the differences.

"Many Indian friends take great interest in China's development and wish China even bigger progress," he said adding the country has made remarkable achievements in economic and social spheres.

He said, "the world has benefited from China's development. However, we have also taken note (the view) of some that a stronger China is bound to follow the beaten path to seek hegemony and poses so-called threat to other countries.

"I wish to make it clear that China will be firmly committed to the path of peaceful development," he said addressing an event organised by the think-tank Indian Council of World Affairs.

Stressing that peace is paramount, he said even in ancient time, China had come to the conclusion that a war-like state, however big it may be, will eventually perish.

Talking about the need to strengthen China's ties with India, Xi said he believes South Asia will become a "new pole of growth" in Asia and beyond.

"I am convinced that South Asia, a sub continent that holds infinite potential, will become a new pole of growth in Asia and beyond. A South Asia that enjoys peace, stability and prosperity serves the interest of the countries and people in the region and of China as well," he said.

His address, laced with references of Indian thinkers and poets, stressed on the point that China wants to live in harmony with all countries in the region.

"Neighbours may sometimes encounter problems. What is important for China and India is to face the boundary question and seek a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution at an early date through peaceful and friendly consultations," he said.

While the process is on, he said both countries should not focus attention only on differences and forget about friendship and cooperation.

He said if it happens, the differences will stand in the way of development and interfere with the overall growth of relations.

"I am confident that China and India have the ability and wisdom to embark on a path of good neighbourly relations between two major countries," he said.

Pointing out that China and India have a combined population of 2.5 billion, he said "if we speak in one voice the whole world will listen and if we join hands, the whole world will pay attention".

Xi said both countries ought to enhance strategic partnership on the economic front and in global affairs.

He stressed on the need for coordination in multi-lateral bodies and said China backs India's greater role at the UNSC.

"China and India need to enhance cooperation to tap into our mutually complimentary advantages. China's westward opening up should be geared to dovetail with India's Look East policy with a view to shaping the world's most competitive production bases, most attractive consumer markets and most powerful growth engines," he said.

( Source : PTI )
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