KMRL plans Rs 31 crore worth renovation on city roads

Repair works will be carried out by professional agencies like the Kerala State Construction Corporation

Kochi: City roads will soon get a facelift as the Kochi Metro Rail Limited director board has approved a city road development project worth Rs 31 crore. The project, to be funded by both KMRL and the State Government, includes widening and strengthening of roads and junction improvement.

Initially, the alternative roads through which traffic is now being diverted to facilitate Metro Rail works, will be repaired. Due to the increased vehicle density, most of these alternative roads have been damaged resulting in regular traffic congestion.

The KMRL authorities will soon initiate the tender proceedings to award the contract for repairing the city roads, which are in a dilapidated condition. Out of the Rs 31 crore, KMRL will bear Rs 11.10 crore and for the remaining works, funds would be sought from the State Government.

“In an effort to ensure maximum durability and quality, repair works will be carried out by professional agencies like the Kerala State Construction Corporation,” said sources at KMRL.

At the same time, the proposal submitted by the Metro agency to improve the road transport system in the city as part of the preparatory works of Metro Phase II is under the consideration of the State Government.

The mega infrastructure development projects worth Rs 350 cr will significantly improve road transport in the city by the time the Metro Rail is commissioned, according to KMRL sources.

The KMRL has already identified nearly 20 roads that can be developed with minimal land acquisition. The development of Thammanam – Pullepady Road and Foreshore Road are some of the projects that might be undertaken in the Phase II preparatory works. It is the State Government that has to take the final decision on implementing the project.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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