‘Inch towards Miles’, Modi’s China mantra

Modi call it Inch towards Miles INCH that is India China towards MILES

New Delhi: BJP MP from Ladakh Thupstan Chewang said that the incursions by Chinese civilians in government vehicles in Ladakh action was a “mean move by the Chinese Army” ahead of President Xi’s visit. On a question from the Chinese media on what the two countries could do together to promote peace and development in Asia and the world, Mr Modi said, “We can do this by further strengthening our strategic communications; enhancing mutual trust and confidence; showing sensitivity to each other’s concerns and interests; (and) continuing to maintain a climate of peace, stability and tranquillity in our relations.”

In response to a question on whether the New Silk Route initiative by China would be an opportunity or a threat to India in future, the PM said, “Successful revival of the ancient trade routes require not only physical connectivity and requisite infrastructure, but even more important, a climate of peace, stability, mutual trust and respect, support for mutual prosperity and free flow of commerce and ideas.”

In visits that highlight the China’s strategy, the Chinese President has already made stops in the Maldives and Sri Lanka ahead of his India visit. Mr Modi told the Chinese media, “I would like to give a new terminology to my meeting tomorrow with the Chinese President. I call it ‘Inch towards Miles’. INCH that is ‘India China’; towards MILES that is ‘Millennium of Exceptional Synergy’. I believe that tomorrow’s meeting will mark a happy beginning towards this goal of ‘Inch towards Miles’.”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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