Deepika Padukone is here to stay

The actress talks about the recent Shweta Basu episode, working with Farah Khan and more...
Mumbai: It’s been seven years since Deepika’s debut movie Om Shanti Om released and the actress has proved that she wasn’t just another model trying her luck in films, and is here to stay, till she quits. She opens up in a chat with DC.
On Promotions
“It is hectic for all of us. We have to be on our toes. A film like Happy New Year is different, the audience knows the cast Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek. They can relate to the film immediately.
But Finding Fanny needs to be promoted to convince people, to create awareness about the film. Therefore, I feel promotions of such films are more important, when compared to films like HNY.”
Equation with Farah
“I am happy that Farah cast me for HNY merely because she trusted me. We were working after a gap of almost seven years. During Om Shanti Om, it was her responsibility to give me the best launch. She literally spoon fed me.”
“She was confident that I understood my craft. I am more comfortable with myself as a person and as an actor.”
About her co-stars
While I am on the sets with Amitji, Saif or SRK, I behave in a poised manner. However, working with Ranbir, Ranveer and others, I am more relaxed. I am at ease with the guys of my generation. I can slap them on their backs and share jokes.”
Sister, the biggest critic
“I rarely appreciate my own work be it a film or a photo shoot. My sister is my biggest critic, she has a nice knack of putting her point of view across. She didn’t like Ram Leela and she had her own reasons. Actually, she disliked the violence in the film. Also, being my sister, she said, ‘Why did you have to die in the end?’”
About Shweta Basu
It’s unfortunate, but if that’s the only way the actress could support her family, I don’t think there’s anything wrong. Instead of making this a scandal, why are we not supporting her? We should in fact, step up and help her and talk about the people who hired her. Not look down on her.”
( Source : dc )
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