Movie review 'Singaram Thodu': Consistent in its pacing and action

Published Sep 13, 2014, 7:06 pm IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 4:58 am IST
A little bit more bite and boldness wouldn't have hurt its credentials
Vikram Prabhu in Singaram Thodu.
 Vikram Prabhu in Singaram Thodu.

Director: Gaurav

Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Sathyaraj, Monal Gajjar, Satish


Rating: 3 stars

Donning Khaki at least once in their career has always been the dream of any actor in Tamil cinema.  With his smart choice of films, Vikram Prabhu is fortunate enough to grab the cop’s role with Sigaram Thodu even at his early stage.

When Murali Pandian (Vikram Prabhu) gets prodded by his dad, Chellapa (Sathyaraj) to emulate his career as a police officer, a sense of rebellion is can be seen. Murali has no inkling to don the uniform of a police officer and is more interested in the unglamorous 9 to 5 of a bank manager.

Just when one thinks that their career paths are set and their personal lives are in order - that being him falling in love with Ambujam (Monal Gajjar), Life (with a capital L) always has a way of throwing surprises and fate returns to give you a piping in the backside.

Such was the case with Murali when robbery runs freely amongst ATMs and he thus has to perform the sober duty of tracking down the perpetrators and maintaining order.

Directed by Gaurav Narayanan, the film is decently written, executed without any fuss, and compiled and packaged with a modicum of style. These may not seem negative per se, but they are in a way, its weakness as well.

There really isn't anything more to it. The highlights on the other hand are its acting. It seems like the theme of this season, given the quantity of films released; that they have praiseworthy lead actors with a story and plot that is bit of a letdown. Vikram Prabhu has tremendous scope to prove his mettle and the actor has utilized it perfectly.

He also shows his flair for comedy. He has improved in dance sequences as well, an area where he was bit weak. Monal Gajjar looks cute and has justified her role in a limited scope. As usual, Sathyaraj delivers an effortless feat. Satish is bit loud with his crass humor. Gaurav presence as the villain is hard to not stop and pay attention. 

The music by D Imman has a couple of standouts. Other technical departments such as the cameras and the editing were steady.

However, on the flip side due to bad lighting in the crucial climax fight sequence, one could not make out who’s bashing whom as we see only silhouette of the actors.  Since we are shown who the culprits are even at the beginning of the movie, the suspense factor is lost.

On the whole, Sigaram Thodu in consistent in its pacing and action, but a little bit more bite and boldness wouldn't have hurt its credentials.