Farmers ready to part with land for capital

Published Sep 8, 2014, 10:17 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 6:21 am IST
Mangalagiri farmers’ leaders ask government to offer better compensation
Picture for representational purpose (Photo: PTI)
 Picture for representational purpose (Photo: PTI)

Guntur: Farmers of Mangalagiri, Tadikonda, Peda Kakani, Tulluru, Kaza and   other areas of Guntur district have agreed to part with their lands   for establishmen of the state capital.  

Farmers’ leaders of these areas met on Sunday and demanded the   government establish the capital city at Mangalagiri.


They also   decided to hold meetings in their respective areas and convince their   fellow farmers to part with their lands for the new capital.  

Former MLA M. Hanumantha Rao, who addressed the farmers’ leaders, said   that Mangalagiri is the most suitable for new capital due to it being   centrally located between Vijayawada and Guntur.  

Mr Rao said that farmers were asking for 60-40 share in the land pooling system against the government's proposal of 40-60 share. He   said that big farmers were ready to hand over their farmlands for the   new capital but the small and marginal farmers would be affected by   the land pooling system, hence they were demanding market price for   their lands.  Farmers’ leader Nannapaneni Nageswara Rao said that farmers were   seeking a government job to one family member each and compensation under 60-40 land pooling system.


He said that if the government offers suitable compensation and jobs, then it can acquire 50,000 acre land easily in and around Mangalagiri.    

Farmers M. Chakradhar Rao, T. Anjaneyulu and others said that land   acquisition would be a Herculean task for the government in Vijayawada   city due to residential colonies but it would be easy to get farm lands in and around Mangalagiri hence the public representatives of Guntur district should lobby with the government and see that the capital is   established at Mangalagiri.


D. Nageswara Rao and others said that small and marginal farmers who   own only one or two acres would be worst affected, hence they need special compensation.

They said that they were ready to give up their land if the state government agrees to establish the new capital at Mangalagiri.  

About 500 farmers from the area were present at the meeting.

Location: Andhra Pradesh