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Star Power: A time to focus on your career

Published Sep 7, 2014, 5:02 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 6:42 am IST
Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Some matters related to workplace, a new job, foreign education or foreign trips might reach a successful conclusion. (Photo: DC)
 Some matters related to workplace, a new job, foreign education or foreign trips might reach a successful conclusion. (Photo: DC)
Hyderabad: Full Moon in Pisces on September 8, 2014, there is a lesson to be learnt this week. With the full moon in Pisces, expect things to turn inwards. With Neptune’s influence (Pisces’ ruling planet), spirituality shall get a boost. You may detach yourself from worldly matters and worries, and focus on your inner-self. There shall be a shift in dealing patterns and thoughts too. 
Some matters related to workplace, a new job, foreign education or foreign trips might reach a successful conclusion. Remember that there is always a new beginning after an end – so prep for some new territories. This is a good time to sort out perplexing matters and take them to a suitable conclusion. If any such matters have been in contention, do take advantage of the full moon in Pisces. This will also be a good time to plan major moves and foreign trips. 
Career And Business
For those in jobs, this week shall be all about work, workplace and related matters. It is a time to completely focus on your career (and if possible, nothing else). You will have to do your best to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Venus will be posited in Virgo this week, it is a Zodiac Sign where Venus loses its strength and gets debilitated. So, many of you may feel that your comforts and luxuries, especially at the workplace, have taken a beating. You may have to work for some time under more constraints. However, there is a good side to this trend. This will be a good time exercise and, possibly re-assert your authority at your workplace. 
Those in businesses may need to double-check their financial calculations; they run the risk of missing out on an important detail. Partnership businesses may face more issues this week. 
Love And Dating
With Venus in its sign of debilitation, Virgo, expect things to be somewhat low in the love and dating department. Add to it the fact that Venus is about to get combust too. Thus, overall this side of our lives may seem to be losing its charm for a while. Or let’s say many of us may be so occupied in other practical aspects of life that we may not get time to enjoy love and its beautiful feeling. 
In love, people may tend to behave rather individualistically. This selfish behaviour will have the potential of causing far-reaching rifts in even most loving or stable relationships. So, be careful! During this week you should avoid friction in your relationship. Also, avoid starting a new relationship or going on a date around this time. 
Relationships and Sex
Ganesha strongly feels that relations with parents may need to be handled with greater care during this week. If there are any concerns, rather than dragging or presuming, you should talk the matter over with your parents. As far as sex life is concerned, the first part of the week looks good. However, during the later half of the week, there will be lesser amount of joy in sexual pleasure. 
This can also be because of some physical debility or mental stress. Ganesha advises you to consider this as a temporary and “dull” phase rather than perceiving it negatively as a “permanent dent” on sexual terms with your partner.
Marriage and Children
Debilitated Venus is going to leave its marks and affects everywhere. You will notice that during this week you and your partner are dealing with your marriage more practically. Both of you will be busy with your daily affairs and routine so much that it will be slightly tough to spare time for each other. Both of you may get irked very easily while dealing with each other. However, the better option is to try and sort out certain issues jointly without blaming each other. 
Your kid’s health or their academic progress may require more of your attention and “discipline” will be the key.
Personal Life
During this week, you may feel a bit relaxed as you will be nearing the completion of some of your works / targets by Tuesday. On the other hand, you will need to be on your toes this week because planetary energies are likely to create friction, and in the middle of it, you shall have to start dealing with new projects or assignments. Personal goals may progress at snail’s pace, but you must not give up. Remain careful before trusting someone blindly.
Wealth, Property, Money And Finance
This week is good for focussing on matters related to inheritance, old property or land. If for any reason, inheritance related matters were getting delayed then it may start gaining momentum now. This is the best time to contact chartered accountants, financial advisors, solicitors or advocates for settling your financial matters or to find a suitable solution. You will now seriously think about saving money for the future, especially if you have more responsibilities on your shoulders such as kids or younger siblings in the family. Planetary positions this week don’t indicate great financial strength so you should avoid taking any kind of risks. You may face unexpected expenses.