Agri survey reveals growth, contradicts flood-hit claim

The total foodgrain output in 2013-14 is expected to be 116.64 lakh tonnes
Hyderabad:The socio economic survey presented by the government to the AP Assembly about crop yields last year confirms the RBI’s stand in rescheduling of crop loans. The RBI had asked how the state could claim to be drought and flood hit when food output was increasing.
According to the survey, the crop yield increased about 11 per cent over the previous year. The total foodgrain output in 2013-14 is expected to be 116.64 lakh tonnes against 104.96 lakh tonnes in 2012-13. The survey said the growth in output was essentially due to the increase of the area under paddy.
The Agriculture Budget, presented by minister Prattipati Pulla Rao set the foodgrains target at 127.04 lakh tonnes during 2014-15. The state government, in its report to the RBI, had said the state was affected by cyclones, heavy rains and drought in the Kharif season and asked for rescheduling of crop loans in 572 mandals.
But the survey says the area under foodgrains in Kharif 2013-14 had increased 8.5 per cent to 21.90 lakh hectares from 20.19 lakh hectares in
Production of food grains in Kharif 2013-14 was also estimated to move up to 50.89 lakh tonnes from 47.7 lakh tonnes in 2012-13, up 6.7 per cent.
The survey said the area under paddy in Kharif 2013-14 was 17.06 lakh hectares, against 15.3 lakh hectares in 2012-13. Paddy output in Kharif 2013-14 was 43.59 lakh tonnes against 40.45 lakh tonnes in 2012-13.
In the Rab season, the area under foodgrains in 2013-14 was 20.92 lakh hectares, against 21.37 lakh hectares in 2012-13. Foodgrains output was 65.75 lakh tonnes as against 57.26 lakh tonnes in Rabi 2012-13. The area under paddy in Rabi 2013-14 was 8.78 lakh hectares, while it was 6.79 lakh hectares in 2012-13.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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