Ganesha Speaks: A good week for job seekers

Published Aug 24, 2014, 4:27 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 10:05 am IST
Western Tropical Planetary Positions
Picture used for representational purpose.
 Picture used for representational purpose.
New Moon in Virgo August 25, 2014
This looks to be a very good time for paying renewed attention to health and related matters. It will also be a good time for changing day-to-day routines, in a manner that makes life more organised. Fortunately, most of you will now be able to manage your work well, getting ample opportunities to plan things out. However, it will be necessary to get into the details of anything that you handle, as this will ensure all boxes are checked and there are no loopholes.
With some effort you will be able to do proper analysis of any situation or work project now. However, refrain from criticising anyone during the next fortnight. In case, you criticise someone who doesn’t take your feedback with an open mind, you run the chances of spoiling your equation with him/her. 
Career and Business
Those seeking a change of job do have the stars in their favour this week. It is also a good week if you are starting on a brand new job. Overall, it’s time for everyone to work hard and pay attention to the details of work, projects etc. at their workplace. With Mercury and Sun in Virgo, communication will hold great importance during this week. It will be a good time for attaining more clarity on matters related to your area of work. 
Those in business may now plan a phase-wise expansion of their business, and should also have healthy communication with their business associates. 
Love and Dating
This looks set to be a very stable week for lovers. Emotions may be operating at a higher octave, but they won't drive the love birds crazy. Those in love shall now be feeling more grounded, and will understand that only intensity cannot keep their love life going, stability too matters a lot. It will also be a good time to enter the dating scene, but some advance planning will help. 
Relationships and Sex
During this week, you shall probably remain more in touch with your family members. Many of you may take the opportunity to do something special for your near and dear ones. There is a scope for many of you getting into serious discussions with siblings. However, you shall need to be pretty tactful. 
In matters of love and passion, sexual desires will be intense, but physical expressions shall be polite and soft. During this period, you may not wish to go for a quick fix solution; instead, you will want to devote more time to your relationship and each other’s physical pleasure. This approach will surely give more joy to your mind and body.
Marriage and Children
on the marital front, this week, many of you will realise that love can sort out many issues without much tussle. Overall, you and your life partner shall be in sync nurturing the relationship. However, one of you will have to display maturity to sort out issues, by taking the initiative to talk about things and how they should be. The good thing is that both of you will be willing to give each other the required time and space. 
Academic progress of your children shall be good.
Personal Life
Do not be very vocal about your goals this week. Mars in Scorpio with Saturn indicates that as of now you should remain silent about your goals. 
Nonetheless, you may keep working consistently to achieve them. You should also see to it that whatever you are doing is not taking you in the wrong direction, specifically if it requires investment in terms of money, effort, or is akin to taking a major risk. Be careful and calculate your decisions. People around you may feel that you have become selfish, but this is the right time to pay attention to your own life.
Wealth, Property, Money and Finance
This will be a great time for monetary matters. You will be able to take right and wise decisions regarding short-term as well as long-term investments, as Jupiter and Venus are in Leo. If you have been looking for a bigger house or office, this is the right week to start planning and considering the move, because now the new moon in Virgo will help you enter the environment that will make your life/day/routine more organised and comfortable. Regular investors in the stock market may have to bear losses though, especially if they are not careful. Thus, they should proceed with caution this week.