Salman fan goes crazy, recreates 'walk past a moving train' in his own style

Published Aug 24, 2014, 12:11 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 10:06 am IST
Despite warned by the actor, fans continue to get a kick out of all this

Mumbai: Salman Khan, in his recent blockbuster, 'Kick', created hysteria over a scene that showed him walking past a moving train. The scene was also included in the promo, which generated huge whistles and roar every time it was played in a multiplex. However, crazy fans do not realize that these scenes were CG ( computer generated) and Salman Khan was just walking without the train actually being present there.

Here’s a disastrous attempt by a fan


The actual scene

Salman, before the release, told his fans to not try this in real life and it clarified that he performed this action scene with a lot of precautions. However, no one seems to be bothered by its consequence. Another fan, actually went on a railyway track and did this...

Immediately, as soon as this video was uploaded, some of them called this guy 'crazy' in the comment section. However, later, he clarified that he used special effects and recreated the scene.

Here's how he did it...



Do you think he should be going on a live railway track for such experiments?