Fareed Zakaria under plagiarism scanner again

He defends saying, 'not someone else's writing or opinions or expressions'

Washington: Host of CNN’s flagship foreign affairs show and former Newsweek International editor and prominent talking head and policy pundit Fareed Zakaria is again facing allegations of plagiarism.
A pair of anonymous bloggers has alleged that the journalist-commentator has reproduced 12 passages of what they say are instances "lifting material in his work across several major publications - despite public assurances from his employers that a previous plagiarism scandal was only an isolated incident."

The allegedly plagiarized passages are all from articles that were written before the plagiarism scandal in August 2012, the bloggers said, while also attacking his employers CNN, Time, and Washington Post for what they suggested was an incompetent review

In 2012, Zakaria, was suspended by CNN and Time magazine after he admitted that he had plagiarised portions of an article he wrote on gun control for Time, from the New Yorker magazine. He issued an apology saying he had made a “terrible mistake” and his lifting a paragraph from the article by Harvard University professor of American history Jill Lepore was an “ethical lapse“.

Countering the charges, Zakaria said in a statement that what he had cited are all facts, "not someone else's writing or opinions or expressions," and as such could not be construed as plagiarism.

( Source : dc/ pti )
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