Metro may spare Assembly

Minimal diversion to ensure commuters are not affected
Hyderabad:The Hyderabad Metro Rail has proposed to divert the Metro alignment to behind the Assembly building. In doing so, the old dilapidated police quarters and police land will be utilised.
A senior official said, “The diversion will be from the Telangana Tourism Development Corporation office to the police land and then near the railway track and will come out at Public Gardens. In doing so, the diversion will be minimal. But for this to be implemented, the Hyderabad Metro Rail and state government will have to sit together and fine tune the proposal.”
Officials also said that the Sultan Bazaar stretch and Mozamjahi Market would not be touched. The route will be changed from Badi Chowki to Tilak Park to the northeastern side of Women’s College in Koti where it will be connected to Chaderghat.
N.V.S. Reddy, managing director of Hyderabad Metro Rail, said, “The diversion is minimal and it will not affect our original alignment or the commuters on the route.”
The earlier proposal had a linear direction wherein the Metro Rail went straight along the road and touched all high traffic zones from Lakdikapul, Assembly, Traffic office to the Nampally stretch. There are many government offices along the route and the diversion must be able to ensure that it caters to this traffic.
A senior officer said, “The re-alignment is being planned in such a manner that the passenger traffic is catered to. There are a lot of government offices, private enterprises and commercial establishments on the road where it is presently planned. It was expected to de-congest this complete segment.”
A senior officer added, “The state government has to give the final approval on the re-alignment. Once a clear picture emerges from the government with an official sanction, only then will L&T be given the changed plans.”
Sultan Bazaar traders still wary: While changes in the Metro routes have been welcomed, some sections of citizens are still apprehensive. The Sultan Bazaar trading community, for example, still has reservations about the final shape of the proposed Metro route. Following Sunday's announcement, there was relief regarding the heritage building and market being saved, but opposition to the project continues.
According to the change, the new route, in case of Sultan Bazaar, is from Badi Chowdi, Tilak Road, Koti Women’s College to Chaderghat. “We are glad that the government kept its promise and saved the historical market of Sultan Bazaar, but the Badi Chowdi market is also of equal importance.
And once the Bata crossroad is touched, it automatically touches Sultan Bazaar. This kind of partial saving of the area is almost like saving nothing,” said Govind Raathi, chairman of Traders’ Joint Action Commi-ttee, Sultan Bazaar. The committee has suggested an alternative route from Kachiguda crossroads towards the station leading towards Chaderghat and MGBS.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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