Drunk runs amok, attempts suicide

S Swamy attacks village revenue assistant and abuses sarpanch and enumerators in gram panchayat office
Hyderabad: A drunkard went on an attacking spree at Akkannapet in Medak district on Monday. The drunkard, S. Swamy, 27, attacked the village revenue assistant, entered the gram panchayat office and abused the sarpanch and enumerators distributing survey forms. Later, he attempted suicide. He was shifted to hospital where his condition is stable, cops said.
Police said that the accused Swamy, 27, a labourer approached a doctor in the village fully drunk. When Gopal, the doctor refused to give him an injection, he got worked up and started abusing him. The VRA, Kishan who saw this intervened and tried to pacify him in vain. As the situation was going out of control, Kishan and the locals decided to take him to Siddha Ramulu, the sarpanch.
“They took him to the sarpanch. The sarpanch and the household survey enumerators who were present in the office tried to pacify him, but he turned violent.
The enumerators who had to distribute forms were not allowed to do their job,” said SI Sandeep Reddy. When people asked him to calm down he started abusing them and also attacked the VRA with stones. When the cops tried to catch him, he attempted suicide. “We rushed to the spot. He fled, went to his house and attempted suicide. We took him to hospital. His condition is now stable,” Mr Sandeep said. Cops said a case would be booked against Swamy for violence, and other offences.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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