Intensive Household survey 2014: Telangana shutdown on terrific Tuesday

Telangana hospitals to operate emergency services
Hyderabad: The Intensive Household Survey will result in buses and autorickshaws going off the roads, Mee Seva and other citizen service centres downing shutters and petrol bunks remaining shut on August 19. Hospitals will operate emergency services.
In case of weddings, death in the family or hospitalisation, citizens can call the enumerator (whose number will be given during the pre-survey) to complete the inspection on a priority basis. Giving these details, GHMC commissioner Somesh Kumar said that the concept of inking the finger of surveyed residents, will not be implemented.
Mr Somesh Kumar said, “The Telangana government has declared a holiday on August 19 and action will be initiated against any non-emergency company, department or sector (private or government) failing to adhere to the order.”
( Source : dc correspondent )
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