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No change in Chief Secretaries for Telangana state

Published Aug 17, 2014, 9:01 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 11:42 am IST
Picture for representational purpose.
 Picture for representational purpose.

Hyderabad: Official sources said there would be no change in the chief secretaries of both the states as they belong to local cadre of the undivided state.
Though there is a chance of the Telangana DGP being re-allotted based on non-local cadre, the state government can continue with him by seeking “deputation” to the state-cadre from the Centre. However, for outsiders (non-locals) the change of state cadre is imminent based on roster points.

The committee has decided to distribute officers in the ratio of 13:10 between AP and TS representing the number of districts in both the states. The allotment is expected to be completed within a week. The process is expected to become controversial with the committee favouring allotting local officers to both the states based on their nativity and non-local officers based on the roster points.

According to the guidelines drafted by the committee, direct recruits (non locals) will be allotted by roster points starting with TS for all categories.

The direct recruits and promotees (locals) will be allotted based on their domicile status. If there are excess officers in this cadre in a particular state, they will be allotted to the deficit state. Limited options will be given for swapping of officials within the same cadre/batch if there is mutual consent among the allotted officials.

The committee has already received ‘sealed cover options’ from AIS officers. Though the committee is not required to consider these options, it may consider a few of them on the ground of spouse postings and reservation quotas. Chief secretaries Dr Rajiv Sharma of TS and I.Y.R. Krishna Rao of AP, along with senior officials were present at the draw of lots.



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