Intensive Household Survey data to be basis for new ration cards

TRS government has decided to implement its poll promises between Dasara & Diwali

Hyderabad: The data collected from people as part of Intensive Household Survey on August 19 across Telangana State will be computerised within a month. The Telangana State government is aiming to complete the task by September 16 and take up random inspection of households to verify if the details provided are correct.

Officials concerned will be held responsible for any discrepancies are found during random inspections. A committee will be formed to scrutinise household data with a focus on households falling below the poverty line. The aim is to weed out bogus beneficiaries of various government schemes and prepare a list of eligible households to avail these benefits.

The TRS government has decided to implement its poll promises between Dasara and Diwali. The government has also decided to cancel all existing ration cards and issue fresh ones with the Telangana S logo. This will be done on the basis of the survey data. Officials will be engaging DTP operators for a month to computerise the data collected, which will be frozen once it is computerised and no changes will be permitted later.

The data will be be accessible only to a few government departments involved in issuing certificates such as income, caste, residence, and and licences such as ration, pension, driving vehicle registration etc.

Survey to include transgenders

Hyderabad: In response to a report published by Deccan Chronicle on August 12, “Survey leaves out two lakh transgenders”, which highlighted how the two lakh strong transgender community was not a part of the Intensive Household Survey, the Telangana State government, on Thursday, included a designated column for members of the transgender community.

“We are very happy that the Telangana State Chief Minister has positively responded. This is important for the community as all of us are qualified and want to do our bit for society,” said Aarti, a member of Avagahana Group that works for the rights of transgenders.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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